Many of our custom applications have been developed for companys with a nondisclosure statement. However, we are happy to discuss the nature of any application components with you in person. Please contact us at 1 208.376.7728 to schedule an appointment.

Applications range in scope from:

  • Stand alone to client/server
  • Intranet database applications
  • Internet applications allowing company employees to work remotely while still providing local access.
  • E-commerce back-end management tools.

We have developed several back end administration and maintenance tools allowing for:

  • Centralized maintenance of user accounts and passwords
  • Content including publishing of documents
  • Remote uploading of documents and data
  • GUI interface for maintenance of e-commerce sites allowing the creation of new products and/or services to be uploaded with the appropriate image, text, inventory or SKU numbers, content description, price, shipping and handling charges, etc.

Developed projects:

Internet Law Center
Idaho Child Support
The Audio Video Connection

Goller Publishing Corporation
Practical OPC
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