Moonlighting Software's developers are at the top of their field. Our development team uses a Software Development Life Cycle model, SDLC, which includes research and planning, analysis and design, initial development and quality assurance testing before final release. This process merges your company, our developers and the software into a single unit. Using the SDLC model ensures a rapid development time, allowing development processes to run parallel to each other.

Developing a new software package is only the first step in the life cycle of a software application. All software, no matter how well produced, will eventually become obsolete. Realizing this in the initial planning and design phases allows for a quicker implementation of upgrades based on new user requirements, new functionality and the ability to address problems as they occur throughout the life of the product.

Through analyzing your business processes and environment, our expert team will recommend the most effective plan to maintain the viability of your applications. Using the SDLC model for application maintenance allows for implementation of changes for maintenance releases, service releases and major revisions.

Our programmers bring decades of training and experience to your project. We are familiar with most standard programming languages and our developers are encouraged to become certified or receive training in all of the following technologies:

C / C++
Visual Basic
Cobol / Fortran
Windows APIs

Our developers also keep up to date with the primary relational database technologies on the market:

Oracle 7.0+
DBase / Access
Foxpro / Paradox
SQL Server 7.0 / 2000

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